Day 19 / 20 (95%)

All areas finished digging halfway through the day.  We spent the rest of our working hours cleaning up the remaining areas – cutting sections and sweeping – to prepare them for the final photography tomorrow.

Even though it says 95% above, it should really be 100% – we’re done excavating for this season.  All that’s left is the cleaning up and the publishing.

*  *  *  *  *

And now for some videos about the dig:

Infolive TV, an Israeli internet news site, has two video clips up on Youtube about the dig.  The first one is a news feature, with clips of digging at the site and interviews with Prof. Oeming and with Raphaelle, one of the volunteers.  The second video is a much shorter piece, with some clips and no voiceover.  (Because Infolive TV has disabled embedding you’ll have to visit the Youtube pages to watch the videos.)

Here’s an excellent video from last year that a fellow dig volunteer made: