Day 16 / 20 (80%)

One more week to go.  We’re working hard to try and finish up in all the areas before the season ends this Friday.  We are less people now than we were last week – more people left than came over the weekend – so it’s a good thing our general digging area is smaller than it was.

Though we’re getting closer to the deadline we’re still making interesting finds.  Only today we found beautiful fragments of Iron Age pottery – more complete and of better quality than most of our finds from the period – in area D6.

In C4 we’ve even opened up some new squares that we hope to finish in the last few days of digging that we have left.

Buckets of finds waiting for pottery wash

Buckets of finds waiting for pottery wash

CNS News has an article on the dig up here.  (The piece is aimed at a very specific demographic, and is slightly misleading – headline: Christians Excavate Holy Land Treasures for Summer Fun.)