Day 6 / 20 (30%)

Today was the beginning of the second week here at the site. Seven dig members from last week left us, but thirteen new volunteers have come to help out. Several of them are in my square, C4, and it’s been great working with them in the day they’ve been with us so far.

Notable finds from C4 today:

  • Empty bullet shells
  • Small probably-bronze probably-Persian arrowhead
  • 2 broken light bulbs
  • 2 plastic spoons
  • Bomb

(No, it didn’t explode.) The remains from the Six-Day War have so far proved to be more… interesting than the actual antiquities we’ve found so far this week – we’re hoping for that to change tomorrow as we reach the richer layers of the new squares we’re opening.

In other squares, we’ve had a couple more seal impressions and some beautiful large fragments of pottery from the columbarium. During pottery wash today we also found a shard of pottery with writing on it in ink, though it’s likely that it’s a modern artifact.

Pottery wash, with view of the Jerusalem hills

Pottery wash, with view of the Jerusalem hills

The nice weather held over the weekend. It was actually chilly until the middle of the morning, making digging much more pleasant than usual. It’s supposed to hold through the middle of the week, and we plan on taking full advantage of it.